Do something

Coming soon for free on iOS and Android

How much of your life has already passed?
Find the motivation to do something with this free app!


The passing of time and the feeling that there is so much things to do before it's too late is a strong motivational power for me.
This project comes from this.
To put it simply, it's a progress bar representation of one's life, an estimation of the percentage of it that's already gone.

Back when I first toyed with this idea, I only did it for me, as a personal motivational boost.

But now it is available for almost everyone.

How/when to get it?

The app will first be available on Google Play, then on iTunes. I may put up a web version as well, to make sharing easier.
It is still in development, but there not a lot of work left. It runs well on Android, I just need to test it on an iOS device.

I get the life expectancy data from Gapminder, and I need to format it specially for the app.
For testing purposes I already converted a small part of the stats, I'll need to format the rest of it before the release.

Also I have to come up with a nice logo ;)

Thanks for your interest!

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